The Cost Of A Wedding


Deciding to get married is a wonderful period. You are very much in love and want to commit for the rest of your lives. However, you also know that weddings tend to be expensive. In order to prepare for the upcoming wedding, you should know how much money you will need to cover the wedding costs.

On this site you will find total estimates of weddings, but also estimates of certain items of a wedding. That way, you get a good feel for wedding prices, and can make accurate predictions of how much you will be spending on your specific wedding.

Dig into the site and discover every item of a wedding, and each and every factor that contributes to the cost of those items.

The Average Cost of an American Wedding

How much does the average wedding cost these days? The average cost of a wedding in the U.S. is $26,542. Most weddings in the U.S. range from $19,907 to $33,178. This includes almost everything but usually not the engagement ring and the honeymoon. Here is a list of everything that is included in the calculations of the average wedding cost:


  • Save the date cards
  • Invitations
  • Reply cards
  • Ceremony programs
  • Guest book
  • Postage
  • Reception menu
  • Place cards
  • Thank you cards


  • Wedding dress
  • Dress accessories
  • Tuxedo or suit
  • Tuxedo or suit accessories
  • Headpiece/veil

Flowers and Decorations

  • Bouquets (bride and bridesmaids)
  • Flower girl flowers and petals
  • Corsages
  • Boutonnieres
  • Flower arrangements and decorations


  • Ceremony (Location, Accessories, and Officiator)
  • Reception venue and accessories


  • Food and bar service
  • Wedding cake
  • Rehearsal dinner


  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Prints
  • Wedding Album
  • CD/DVD


  • DJ/live band/musician


  • Wedding rings


  • Limo rental
  • (Fuel or car rental for guests)


  • Wedding favors
  • Gifts for parents and attendants
  • Gratuities

Beauty and Spa Service

  • Hair and makeup
  • Nail service


  • Wedding planner/consultant

The above list is everything you may ever need for a wedding. The exact calculations of how much your wedding costs will depend on your choices, of course. The more lavish your options are, the higher the overall cost of the wedding will be. The following subtopics refer to the biggest and most important wedding essentials you will be spending your money on.

The Wedding Dress

The wedding dress is the most important thing for the bride for her upcoming wedding. However, a lot of brides-to-be tend to overspend on their dress. If you don’t want to ruin your wedding budget, know the average cost of a wedding dress.

The average cost of a wedding dress today is $1,500. Prices may be lower or higher depending on several factors like type, fabric, and details. Read more on the average cost of a wedding dress.

The Wedding Flowers

Flowers complete any kind of wedding whether it is a simple or an extravagant one. After all, flowers serve a lot of purpose on a wedding day including bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, decorations, and centerpieces.

Currently, couples spend an average of $700 on wedding flowers. The price varies usually due to several factors including the location, type of flowers, season, and details of the arrangement. Read our complete article on the average cost of wedding flowers including estimates and shopping tips.

The Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is more than just a tradition in every wedding celebration. It has also become a great centerpiece and decoration at wedding receptions. However, the cost of a wedding cake can run as high as $2,000, especially if you choose a lavish multi-tiered wedding cake. To help you budget your expenses on your wedding cake, read our article on the average cost of a wedding cake.

The Wedding Invitations

Some couples may think that invitations are not so much to bear when it comes to the wedding budget. However, mistakes in making choices can basically make the cost of wedding invitations higher than what is necessary.

Today’s average cost of wedding invitations is $659, usually $1 to $10 per piece. Factors affecting the cost of wedding invitations may include the type, design, quantity, and accessories. Help yourself in managing your wedding invitation budget through this article on the average cost of wedding invitations.

The Wedding Photographer

The wedding photographer has a very important job at any wedding. The shots (s)he takes during the ceremony and the reception mean great memories that can last a lifetime. However, getting a professional photographer may eat quite a bit out of your wedding budget especially that the average wedding photographer cost today is $300 per hour. If you need longer services and more details in the printouts and albums, the price can be higher. Read more about the average cost of a wedding photographer here at

The Wedding Ring

Nothing says more ‘forever’ than diamonds do. Therefore, they are a popular choice as wedding bands. However, diamond wedding rings are the priciest among wedding band options. Read more on the average cost of a wedding ring today from sterling silver rings to platinum or diamond options.

The Wedding DJ

The wedding DJ works to give life to the wedding reception through music and entertainment. Know how much you have to spend on a DJ by reading our article on the cost of a wedding DJ.

The Wedding Catering

The catering is the lifeblood of every wedding reception. In fact, it is so important that a large percentage of the wedding budget goes to the catering which includes food, drinks, and services. The average cost of wedding catering is $85 per person, which means the more guests you invite, the higher the cost of the catering will be. But the average cost per person also depends on the number of people. Read more about the cost of wedding catering and the wedding buffet cost.

The Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is undoubtedly a very difficult and stressful job. Hence, a lot of brides and grooms consider hiring a wedding planner for the occasion in exchange for a fee. If you are thinking twice about getting a wedding planner due to financial reasons, read our article on the cost of a wedding planner to help you decide whether or not it is worth it to hire one to help you with the wedding preparations.

The Wedding Officient

Couples often forget to add the cost of the wedding officient when calculating how much their wedding costs. However, this is a wedding essential that must not be forgotten as the officient is the one responsible for the legality of your marriage vows. Read more on the cost of a wedding officient.

Other Wedding-Related Expenses

Besides the above-mentioned things, there can be other expenses that are usually hidden in most calculations. Before setting up your wedding budget, it is important that you are aware of other wedding-related expenses so that you can allot some budget to them.

  • Marriage license. The marriage license is usually forgotten when talking about the average cost of weddings. However, no legal marriage can take into place without such license. The cost of getting a marriage license for both parties differs from state to state. At most, a wedding license can cost $75 including fees, documentation, and taxes.
  • Insurance. This is an optional expense for both the bride and groom. Insuring the venue of the wedding for around $300 can already cover a $26,000-worth wedding in cases of fire or flood. On the other hand, for around $150, a honeymoon trip that is worth $5,000 can be covered for both medical and travel expenses.

Budgeting your Own Wedding

Thinking about the cost of the wedding is quite the headache already. How much more difficult is budgeting your own wedding? This sounds like a hard task, especially that a lot of couples these days are first time brides and grooms. However, budgeting a wedding can be made simpler following a percentage breakdown of every wedding essential. The list below is the average wedding cost breakdown of standard weddings today:


Reception (including venue, food, cake, and beverages)


Attire (gown, tux or suit, and accessories)


Photography and videography


Flowers and decorations




Wedding rings


Gifts and favors


Invitations and other cards


Ceremony (venue, officient, and marriage license)




Taxes and gratuities


Miscellaneous (insurance, overtime, etc.)

Take note that this is how most couples divide their wedding budget among all the expenses involved in getting married. However, the percentage breakdown may vary depending on your options. For instance, some couples spend up to 70 percent of their wedding budget for the wedding reception alone. Hence, they need to adjust the percentage breakdown among the rest of the wedding essentials. In the end, the breakdown of the wedding budget is different from one wedding to another. We suggest you sit down with your spouse-to-be and decide on the wedding budget first and then consider all options before finalizing this breakdown. 

Truly, a wedding can be expensive. However, with proper information on the cost of weddings today, it will be unlikely for you to be surprised when it comes to how much your wedding will cost in the end. Best wishes from!


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