Average Cost Of A Wedding Ring

Are you wondering how much of your wedding budget to allot to the purchasing of wedding rings? This article will provide information on the average cost of a wedding ring, including several options to choose from and the factors that contribute to the cost of wedding rings. After reading this article you will be able to accurately estimate the cost, as well as know how to go about finding suitable rings.

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Cost of a Wedding Ring

The cost of a wedding band ranges from less than $100 to more than $2,000. The price usually depends on the material used in a wedding ring.

  • Low end wedding rings usually cost $100 or less. These rings are made from sterling silver or narrow gold rings.
  • Mid-range wedding rings cost from $150 to $500. These are usually rings that are made from titanium or 14K or 18K gold.
  • Upscale wedding rings cost from $1,500 to $2,000. These are rings that are made of platinum and diamond. Designer wedding rings belong to this class as well and can run for more than $2,000.

The price of a wedding ring usually includes the wedding band as well as sizing services. For high-end rings, the cost can include custom designing as well.

What Affects the Price of a Wedding Ring?

The material used for the wedding band can really affect the price of the ring. Other factors can also affect the average wedding ring cost including the following:

Design. The wedding ring design can affect how much a wedding ring costs. Traditional wedding bands that are plain and simple are usually less expensive as compared to modern wedding bands with a lot of adornments. For instance, bands that are of distinct style are more expensive. This includes titanium and tungsten rings as well as bands with diamonds, gemstones, and other details.

Choice of embellishments. As mentioned above, the design can affect the cost of the rings. However, your choice of embellishments can also have an impact on the price of the wedding bands. For instance, embellishments like cubic zirconia will not make a lot of impact on the cost of the wedding ring as compared to a choice of diamonds. Moreover, even your choice of diamonds can have an effect on the price of the rings. The cut, size, clarity, and color of the diamond have a lot to say regarding the actual cost of a particular wedding band.

Store. Where you shop for your wedding ring can have an impact on the cost of your band, too. Warehouses and online stores usually price their rings cheaper as compared to luxurious jewelry stores in your area.

Shop for a Wedding Ring

The perfect wedding ring can be hard to find these days. However, if you shop for it correctly, chances are you will get the best one for eachother.

Set a budget beforehand. Wedding rings of both the bride and groom should usually account for three percent of the wedding budget. However, you can decide to slash the amount or add some to it depending on what kind of wedding rings both of you want.

Decide on the kind of wedding ring you want. It will be easier for the bride and groom to find the perfect wedding ring if they know what they are both looking for. Decide on the metal, design, and style of wedding ring early on. Of course, your decisions here must be in accordance with your wedding ring budget.

Choose a wedding ring based on your lifestyle. For instance, if both of you have an active lifestyle, choose metals that are durable and scratch-resistant such as palladium and titanium. Take note that pure gold and sterling silver are two metals that can be too soft for a couple with active lifestyles.

Look for wedding rings from one store to another. This will help you find the right design and the right price for your wedding ring.

Fit the wedding ring you are purchasing to ensure it will fit you perfectly. Make sure that the store gets a precise sizing of your fingers before you leave the order.

Save Money on your Wedding Ring

If you are not willing to spend too much on your wedding rings, there is not much for you to worry. Saving on the wedding ring purchase is not at all impossible as long as you know some tricks while you shop. Check out these following tips to save money on the cost of your wedding ring:

Shop for your wedding ring at stores that are holding a sale. If you are lucky, you can buy markdown rings for almost half the price of the original tag.

Purchase wedding rings for the bride and groom at the same store. You often will get a discount if you order two wedding rings at the same time.

Choose metals that your budget can afford. Platinum is definitely expensive so then you have to focus your search on gold-plated and sterling silver rings. Moreover, you must also skip the embellishments or just limit them. Instead of a chain of gemstones all around the ring, why not go for a few pieces of stones only? You can also skip diamond wedding rings and choose cubic zirconia, peridot, garnet, or quartz to embellish the rings.

The wedding ring is very important to be chosen with care not just because it is a symbol of love between couples. Both parties have to wear the rings for a long time so it is essential that the choice of ring is the best. In the end, whatever your budget is, the most important thing of all is to get one that will last a long time.

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